Goseva Dant Manjan - Tooth Powder

Goseva Dant Manjan - Tooth Powder


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Dant manjan - Tooth powder

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Goseva Dant Manjan (animal bone free) is available online for home delivery across India on Bodhishop.in 

Ayurvedic dantamanjan (tooth powder) is known to strengthen teeth and gums. It prevents your teeth from mouth infections. Ayurvedic dantmanjan also helps in curing oral diseases like tooth worms and decaying.

Cow urine extracts in the dantamanjan make gums and teeth strong. Camphor and mint give fresh breath. The neem content in the dantmanjan fights with germs and kills worms present in the intestine. Use of ayurvedic dantmanjan reduces the sensitivity of teeth, swelling of gums.

A regular dant manjan massage by using a finger is all our teeth needs to stay healthy, fresh and free of diseases. 

How to use Dant Manjan?

  • Take a small amount of toothpowder on a toothbrush/finger
  • Massage and clean the teeth using the finger or toothbrush
  • The middle finger which is related to Akash tatva should be used while doing manjan.
  • Perform this action twice a day or after every meal.

Ingredients :

Ash of cow dung, 5 salts, camphor, carum ajowan, mint, clove, triphala, neem, ficus benghalensis L (root), eucalyptus, and utaraini (onga).

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