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Cowpathy Orange Peel & Orange Oil Soap

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Bodhi Guarantee - Kesariya Vedic GheeCall on 84511991567 to deliver Cowpathy Orange Peel & Orange Oil Soap directly from the farm.

Cowpathy Orange Peel & Orange Oil Soap is available online across India for Home Delivery. 

Contents in the soap: Dried & Pulverised Cow dung, obtained from Indigenous cows when blended with Orange powder, Orange essential oils & saponified coconut soap base at proper temperature, produces a Patented Aromatic foaming Cow dung bath Soap.

Benefits of Orange Peel powder for skin

  1. Orange peel powder is great for dry skin 
  2. It makes the skin soft, smooth and youthful
  3. Orange peel powder is known to reduce scars, acne marks and pigmentation on the skin
  4. It helps in making the skin tone even and light
  5. Orange peel powder contains antioxidants and thus helps in anti-ageing and keeping the skin wrinkle-free. 
  6. Orange peel powder works as a scrub, moisturizer, cleanser and toner!

Benefits of Orange essential oil for skin

  • Orange oil has a refreshing and pleasing scent which is perfect for a bath
  • Being an antiseptic and antioxidant, it is great to attain young and healthy skin
  • Orange oil is perfect if you are prone to skin infections
  • Orange oil is suitable for acne-prone skin. Also, if your skin has frequent breakouts, blackheads and scars, orange oil soap is good.

Buy 6 get 1 Free.

If you buy 6 soaps of the same or different variants of Cowpathy soap, you will get 1 Cowpathy soap for free. The free soap variant will be selected randomly by the system.