Amorearth Sugarcane Jaggery Nuggets

Amorearth Sugarcane Jaggery Nuggets

Two Brothers Organic Farms
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Bodhi Guarantee

Call on 8451991567 to get the Organic Jaggery directly from the farm.

Amorearth Sugarcane Jaggery Nuggets are available online across India for Home Delivery. 

These delicious jaggery nuggets have been prepared from heirloom variety sugarcane grown organically on the two brothers organic farms. The jaggery is processed minimally following traditional methods using ladyfinger as a natural clarifying agent.

How are Sugarcane Jaggery nuggets made?

  1. The jaggery is hand made by artisans in a mud oven using fresh sugarcane juice to retain maximum nutrition.
  2. The liquid jaggery is poured into moulds to form blocks.
  3. The blocks are crushed to make nuggets of jaggery.
  4. They are sun-dried to remove moisture and avoid spoilage.

Features of Sugarcane Jaggery nuggets

  • No chemicals
  • No sulphur
  • No artificial additives.
  • Lab-tested for all chemicals, heavy metal residues. 

How to use Sugarcane Jaggery nuggets?

Can be used as a sweetener or can be eaten as is. It can replace all applications of refined white sugar.