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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Amorearth Mustard Honey

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Bodhi Guarantee - Amorearth Colostrum Powder

Call on 8451991567 to deliver Amorearth Mustard Honey directly from the farm.

Amorearth Mustard Honey is a Monofloral (Single Origin) Honey and the bees swim in an ocean of Mustard farms all around them, farms that are carefully selected, for chemical-free practices in regions that are far away from urban areas and extensive commercial farming. This honey comes in crystallised form.

Features of Amorearth Mustard Honey

- Amorearth Mustard Honey is rich in enzymes and Pollen. It has a high tendency to crystallise.

- In raw honey, nutritious pollen has not been filtered out and necessary enzymes haven’t been damaged by pasteurisation.

-Two Brothers Organic Farms Honey is never heated at high temperatures. Temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) can cause crystallisation. 

- You might see white flecks in your honey, too.

How to consume Amorearth Mustard Honey?

- If you want the honey slippery smooth, fill a bowl with warm water (Not above 35 degrees celsius) and let your bottle rest until the crystals dissipate. 

- Be sure not to microwave your honey, because the heat will destroy many of your favourite enzymes and vitamins.