Agnihotra Dhoop Online
Agnihotra Dhoop Online
Agnihotra Dhoop Online
Agnihotra Dhoop Online

A2 Organics Agnihotra Dhoop

Vrindavan Desi Cow Products

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Bodhi Guarantee

Call on 8451991567 to get the Agnihotra Dhoop (Agnihotra Dhoop Sticks) directly from the farm.

100% pure Agnihotra Dhoop available online for home delivery across India on These stick are chemical free and are made using the dung of the desi Tharparkar cows. Their aroma and positivity will spread in your home. 

How to burn a dhoop stick?

  • Light the dhoop stick with a matchstick or by holding it over a diya.
  • The tip of the stick should glow red and then extinguish the flame by fanning.
  • Place the dhoop stick in the dhoop plate or a tiny plate and keep it in corner of the room for fragrant air.
  • Dhoop is mostly burned in religious functions.


Govarya, Medicated oil, Kapoor, Panchamrut, Akshata, Guggul, Till, Jav, Dhoop and Ral