COVID-19 Fodder Drive by Bodhishop

The outbreak of COVID-19 Virus and the following lockdown has resulted in an unpredicted sales slowdown at most of the ethical dairy farms across India. We at Bodhishop feel, that the customers must know exactly what is going on at the Gaushalas and small farms from where they get their Milk products. 

  • Every cow on the farm needs 25kg nutritious feed per day.
    (Green Grass:15kg, Dry Grass:10kg, Jaggery:200gms approx.)
  • The milking cows are still giving milk but it is not being sold.
  • Since sales of agro produce have also stopped there is no cash to purchase fodder.

How can I help the Desi cows and the farmers?

All you have to do is select the fodder that you wish to donate, add it to your cart, check the quantity and checkout. You can donate multiple products as well by selecting the fodder type and then adding to the cart one by one from the menu below. 

Done fodder for cows

Who will get benefitted from this fodder that you purchase?

Bahula Godham - Dapcheri (4 km before Talasari)
No of cattle: 5 cows and 2 bulls

Bahula Godham - Achchhari (8 km before Vapi)
No of cattle: 15 cows, 3 heifers, 3 bulls, 14 calves 

Dwarka Agro (Wai)
No of cattle: 85 (cows, bulls, calves and old cows)

Morya Gosamvardhan (Sangli) (verified and added on 9 April 2020)
No of cattle: 40 (cows, bulls, calves and old cows)

More verified farms are updated daily. Call on 8451991567 for any more information or to suggest any needy farmers.

In addition to these, fodder will also be provided to the following:

  • Gaushalas who cannot afford to buy fodder from market
  • Small farms who cannot afford to buy fodder from market
  • New dairy farms recently started by new farmers
  • Cowherd communities who are dependant on sugarcane grass
  • Stray cows shelters who are dependant on donated fodder
    Donate fodder to cows

    FODDER DRIVE UPDATE 5: 16th January 2021

    Greetings from We know it has been a long time since we wrote to you. But we were trying to do something seriously big and we have finally been able to do it! With your help, we aim to create an Aatmanirbhar Gaushala!

    What's Atmanirbhar Gaushala?

    Atmanirbhar means self reliant. The idea was to make gaushalas self reliant with fodder readily available by building a hydroponic fodder system. This sytem can be useful for gaushalas when grazing land is unavailable due to small land holding or grazing land unusable due to no rainfall or floods.

    How much fodder can it generate?

    This system that was installed at Dapcheri is capable of generating 3000kgs per month of highly nutritious green fodder. It shall enable gaushala to remove its dependancy of buying fodder from market by 50%.
    50% means that henceforth, gaushala's one time fodder will be generated in-house, daily!


    FODDER DRIVE UPDATE 4: 8th September

    Tons of fodder and Jaggery delivered to Bahula Godham, Talasari. Please watch this as the owner of Gaushala explains how the fodder drive has helped the cows -


    2300kg Fodder delivered to Morya Gosamwardhan, Sangli. Please watch this video to see how the fodder was delivered -

    Fooder delivered to Gaushala during Covid


    2 tons of Fodder delivered to Bahula Godham, Talasari on 24th April in the afternoon.

    Fodder Drive Delivery Update


    2 tons of Fodder delivered to Bahula Godham, Vapi on 21st April in the evening.

    Covid 19 Fodder Drive - First Batch Delivery


    How will the fodder reach the needy cows?

    To maintain transparency, Bodhishop will purchase the products from the donations you make and deliver them to the needy farms. We will share updates with every donor about the deliveries made to all the gaushalas via SMS and Email. Our team at Bodhishop will be personally monitoring the purchase of fodder to final delivery. We will be responsible for making sure that only good quality fodder is provided to the gaushalas for free.

    What is COVID-19 Fodder Drive by Bodhishop?

    These are challenging times for the farmers and the cows. Due to the lockdown, the sales at most farms have stopped and cashflow at the farms is affected. Hence, the farmers are having a tough time purchasing fodder from the market. The COVID-19 Fodder Drive by Bodhishop is to ensure that regular fodder is being provided to all the entities raising the cows and stray cows. Whatever fodder you buy, will be delivered directly to the needy farms only. Every cow needs around 25kg of fodder per day.

    Why Should I Trust Bodhishop?

    Bodhishop was started by Rajas and Gautami Paranjpe in 2018. In the past one and a half years they have positively impacted 3000+ customers,1000+ cows and numerous farmers who practice ethical and Ahimsa farming. To know more about the founders and what Bodhishop does, please read this

    Mumbai-based startup Bodhishop delivers desi cow products, ensuring cows are not sent to slaughterhouses

    Shampoo made from cow dung? Yes, toothpaste too, and art – Indian entrepreneurs milk Hindu love of all things bovine

    More News 

    Milk being an essential commodity, why there is such a big problem? 

    Yes milk being an essential commodity it is exempt from the lockdown movement. However, the farmers who are affected here are not in close proximity of dairies like Amul, Warna, Nandini etc. and have no direct access to national highways. Also the final consumer of milk and agro produce of such farmers were corporates, restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream manufacturers, tea stalls etc. which have been closed since lockdown. Most of the farmer's land is not big enough to grow fodder for cows and is mainly used for growing food for human consumption. 

    Why can't' Bodhishop issue 80G Tax-Exemption? 

    Bodhishop is a social enterprise and not an NGO on our own, we act only as a technology platform where donors can send supplies to gaushalas, farms and stray cows instead of giving money directly to them. The supplies donors bought on Bodhishop will be procured from our vendor partners and delivered to the respective farms. This is like someone going to an offline store to purchase material and then giving it to the NGO. As these farms will receive fodder and not money they can’t give you tax exemption for these transactions. 

    When will my donated products be delivered?

    We will share updates regarding the fodder delivery to the donors via email. We will be sharing pictures and videos from the farm too. Within a month, you should receive an update in the form of pictures and videos from us.

    Do you accept payments from outside India?

    Yes we do :)

    Can I donate products offline visiting the farm/gaushala?

    Bodhishop is trying to help the gaushalas/farms in their area of need only. Every gaushala/farms or farm needs a different quantity of fodder as it has a different number of cows. This need has emerged due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Currently, visits at all the gaushalas and farms have been restricted. We request you to kindly purchase the fodder you wish to donate on Bodhishop later visit the farm once the situation in the country has normalised. 

    Is there any way I can help without donating?

    Yes of course you can. Please forward links to this page to as many people as possible through Facebook, WhatsApp etc. It will definitely help us reach to more and more people.

    How can I track the progress of this initiative?

    Regular updates will be posted on this page. Please check this page frequently.