Popular Homemade Ghee Recipes for Babies and more

Homemade ghee recipes for babies
Have you ever heard from you grandmother that she gave ghee to you when you were a baby? Or that some relative has suggested that give ghee to your baby for weight gain? Recently, we are coming across many young mothers who are asking how and when they can introduce ghee in their baby's diet. Another question of exactly what food to give to the baby has also been asked. is going to answer these questions!

How to make A2 Paneer? A step by step guide

A2 Paneer in a Salad
A2 Paneer is made using the milk of Desi Cows only. The coagulating agent is only a lemon. No vinegar or other chemical is used for the acidity. You can now make this paneer at home as well! Find a step by step recipe to making the perfect A2 Paneer at home and some quick tips to make it soft.