How to use Ghee for Healthy Hair? DIY Home Remedies

Ghee for Hair
For many years our grandparents have advised us to ditch the chemical infused products and try out natural and home remedies for our everyday hair ...

Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee for Skin and Hair

Benefits of desi cow ghee for skin and hair

Ever noticed that our grandmother has better skin at 85 than we have at 25? We just cannot get that soft skin despite using multiple cosmetics and getting regular facials done. We could say that this is because of change in our lifestyle, pollution and increase in stress levels. But we fail to notice that our eating habits and beauty regimes have also changed. Ask your grandmother a remedy for dry scalp. She will say apply warm ghee on your scalp. Tell her that you are having acidity. She will say have a glass of cold milk. Never will your grandmother suggest any medicine or pill. Even for all those skin and hair issues, our grandmother has one solution. One. What is that? Desi Cow Ghee!