Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee in Ayurveda

Gir Cow Ghee Benefits in Ayurveda

Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee in Ayurveda

What is a Gir Cow?

Gir is a native Indian cow found predominantly in the Gujrat and Maharashtra regions on India. It is one of the important Zeby breeds, that originates in India. It has distinct features like a hump, rounded domed forehead and spiralled-out back horns. It is known to be a kind and warm breed of cows which is used to living amidst humans. Gir is one of the few indigenous desi cows known for their milking prowess. It yields about 8-10 litres of milk per day.

Interesting fact: The Gir cattle pairs were gifted to Brazil in the 18th Century by the Maharaja of Bhavanagar. 

Features of Gir Cow Ghee

  • The Ghee which is made using only the milk of the Gir Cows is called as Gir Cow milk.
  • Mostly, this ghee is made with the traditional Bilona process. Although, it is highly recommended to verify this before you buy the product.
  • It takes about 25-30 litres of Gir cow milk to make 1-litre Gir cow ghee.
  • Since the past few years, Gir cow ghee has become one of the most popular desi cow ghee. 

Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has mentioned the importance of consuming pure desi cow ghee made with the traditional Ayurvedic process of Bilona churning. The texts in Charak Samhita mention the multiple benefits of consuming desi cow ghee. Gir being one of the desi cows in India also provides the pure A2 milk and its ghee is very beneficial.

  1. Vata and Pitta: Pure desi cow ghee is prescribed for people whose body constitution is dominated by vata and pitta. Ayurveda used ghee in solving various problems caused due to the disbalance or dominance of vata and pitta. 
  2. Digestion: It is believed that major problems in the body are caused due to the indigestion of food. Ghee helps in sustaining healthy microbes in the gastrointestinal tract which aids in digestion as well as elimination. Ayurveda recommends a certain dosage of ghee daily to avoid such issues. In case you have any chronic gastro-issues or digestion issues, we recommend you speak to an ayurvedic doctor before introducing ghee as a medicine in your diet.
  3. Burns and injuries: It is surprising how in the earlier days injuries and serious wounds like cuts and burns were treated without the use of heavy cheOjasmical infused ointments. Ghee is excellent in repairing and restoring skin. The anti-viral properties make it perfect for sterilizing cuts and burns.
  4. OjasOjas is the life-sustaining vitality which enhances immunity. This immunity is what helps us in staying healthy in the time of increasing illness and infections. Flu or Viral fever is very common owing to the weather changes. Immunity building is must in such times and ghee can help you in gaining it.
  5. Skin and Hair: As kids, we have heard our elders tell us that what we eat reflects on our body. This stands true for all the parts of the body as our eyes, skin, hair, nails, etc. Ghee is a known natural moisturizer and is recommended in Ayurveda for the purpose of moisturizing from the inside. Consumption of ghee with milk at night makes hair and skin healthy. Regular consumption will result in a natural glow on the skin and a noticeable strength in the hair. To learn more about the benefits of drinking ghee with milk at night, click here.
  6. Sensory organs: Our sensory organs are extremely important for a healthy life. Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing as essential parts of everyday life. Consumption of ghee aids the smooth functioning of our 5 senses.

Where can I buy Gir Cow Ghee?

To buy 100% pure and authentic Gir Cow Ghee, click here.

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