Ghee on face overnight

Benefits of applying ghee on your face overnight

Ever tried using desi ghee on face for better skin? If not, you have to definitely try this one out. You can get smooth, bright and soft skin by using just one product which is Pure desi cow ghee. The only catch here is - it has to be 100% pure organic grass fed desi cow ghee. Not jersey, not HF. Only desi cow. I know, it is really difficult to accept any new product in your beauty routine because of fear of spoiling the skin. But that is indeed the best part about ghee! It is completely natural. So you can actually use ghee without worry. Please note: If you are undergoing any medical treatment for skin related issues, consult your dermatologist before introducing any new product in your skin routine.

Can we apply ghee on face overnight?

Yes. The application of ghee on face overnights helps in making the skin moisturized, soft, bright and healthy. This is actually a very simple and an old beauty routine followed by women since ages. Although ghee on face overnight will work wonders for dry skin, people with oily skin should avoid this. You can follow these simple steps to apply ghee on face overnight:

  1. Take some ghee in your palms and add a few drops of water to it
  2. Apply this mixture all over the face
  3. Massage you skin and leave the ghee on your face overnight
  4. Wash face with lukewarm water in the morning

You may feel a bit greasy on application of ghee on th face, but trust me, the result is amazing. 

4 Must know ghee benefits for dry skin care at home

1. Moisturizes Skin

Ghee is a natural moisturizer and helps in keeping the skin moisturized even in dry weather. It also makes skin soft and smooth.

2 Makes skin soft and glowing

Ghee has some amazing fatty acids which help in hydrating the skin to make it soft and glowing. Ghee also makes skin bright and youthful.

3 Good for soft and moisturized lips

Ghee is the most natural remedy for dry and chapped lips. Simply applying it on lips regularly will keep lips soft and moisturized.

4 Keeps skin youthful

It is believed that ghee works wonders in the anti-ageing department. Ghee is known to be a natural anti-aging product for skin. Consumption and application on the skin both have a great anti-aging effect on the skin.

Do you have any such skin care routine which has worked wonders for dry skin? Or any home skin care routine that you want to share with more people who have dry skin issues? Do share your tips in the comments below.

Can Ghee remove dark circles?

Ghee is a very effective natural moisturizer. THis moisturizing quality can actually make the dark circles hydrated. The area surronding the eyes is very weak and can absorb the moisture in the ghee immediately. Also, ghee has a soothing effect which will relax the eyes.

Dark circles are a result of many things like sleep deprivation, incorrect diet, bad bood circulation, etc. Even if ghee soothes the eyes and moisturizer the dark circles, a good sleep and a healthier diet can do wonders.

When you apply any product around your eyes, it is essential that the product should be very safe for eyes. In additin to being extremely dafe for consumption, ghee is used as eye drops by many people in India. Hence even while applying it to dark circles, there is no risk of damage. 

Share your remedy of treating dark circles in the comments to help more readers.

Where can I buy pure Gir Cow Ghee?

To buy 100% pure Desi Gir Cow Ghee made using the traditional Vedic process, click here

What is Gir Cow Ghee Price?

Desi Cow Ghee starts at Rs. 549/- Click here to check the prices for all our products.

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Ghee is wonderful pse ladies wake up


Suggest some for natural blush and dark circles too…


I just started using ghee on face, hands n feet for week now. It has helped my cracked heels faster than anything I’ve tried n skin feels plump n dewy after sinks in.


My skin type is combination skin…ro I can apply ghee for my face


Malaika arora shared in her video that she applies pure ghee on her face daily, I started applying too in morning face massage, it simply turned my skin to look more youthful and my big scars are also disappearing slowly gradually, its bliss! I apply gowardhan pure ghee

Neeta Shadija

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